Tax Services & Preparation

Tax Planning

  • Knowing your personal and business goals helps us suggest tax savings strategies that will minimize your tax liability.
  • We help you prepare ahead of time for future events that may impact your tax situation.
  • Your profitability is monitored year round so we can recommend ways to protect you from unnecessary taxes, and ensure an increased bottom line.
  • With your help we consider your short term and long term financial goals when charting a course of action for you.
  • You will pay less in tax by using current tax breaks and deductions that may be specific to your business.

Tax Preparation for Businesses

  • Accurate tax filings…on time!
  • You work with us every month. This will save you so much time and eliminate stress at the end of the year. We will already have everything we need to wrap up the year-end.
  • You are guaranteed to talk with us every month as we work together to find all potential deductions and tax breaks for you.
  • We specialize in preparing any type of corporate tax return for your small business whether you have an LLC, corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, etc.

Individual Tax Preparation

  • You will be provided a personalized tax organizer. You can use it to easily gather your personal tax information.
  • Your year-end tax preparation for your personal and business taxes will be hassle free. We won’t let you procrastinate. We’ll help you get it done.

Sales Tax Preparation

  • We offer sales tax return prep, filing and electronic payment for you.

Personal Property Tax Preparation

  • We will also prepare your annual personal property tax report and make sure you take advantage of ways to save on these taxes.

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Brian Hall