Best Time to Be A Small Business

According to a new Gallup poll, Small Business is the most trusted institution in America with 68% of the public expressing a high degree of confidence. The only other institution that still enjoys majority support is the U.S. military. In these times, Small Businesses are a positive and trusted unifier.

Keep your small business flourishing and profitable during these inflationary times. To do this focus on the three key P’s of any business: People, Process, and Product. Raising prices during inflationary times will allow you to properly compensate your People, streamline your Process, and provide the best Product (or Service).

Your customers will understand price increases. As the Gallup poll shows, they trust that you charge what is necessary to provide the best People, Process and Product/service.

IRS Online Accounts
To check your account balance, payments, tax records and more, can log into your IRS online account. Here’s the link:

You can view:
• Payoff amounts, which are updated for the current day
• The balance for each tax year you may owe taxes
• Your payment history
• Key information from your most current tax return
• Payment plan details if you have one
• Digital copies of certain IRS notices
• Economic Impact Payments if you received any

You can also:
• Select an electronic payment option.
• Set up an online payment agreement.
• Access tax records and transcripts.