Accounting Service

You get a monthly financial statement that is used to review and analyze your income and expenses on a regular basis.

You will be tuned in to the profitability of your business through trend analysis reports.

You can be supported in your business decision making at any moment because we work very closely with you, evaluating and advising as needed.

Knowing your personal and business goals allows us to suggest tax savings strategies that will minimize tax liability for you and your company.

Our Easy Accounting Process

Simplified Data Sharing

Send us your monthly financial information in a format convenient for you!

Examples include:

  • Mail us your source documents
  • Email us electronic versions of your source documents
  • Send us your Quickbooks file

Accurate Bookkeeping

We closely review all monthly income and expense transactions while performing your monthly bank reconciliation.

We question and verify all entries with you to ensure proper classifications and maximized deductions for your business.

You will receive your compiled financial statement within a few days of us receiving your data. That is our promise to you!

Have employees? Our payroll service integrates seamlessly with our monthly bookkeeping service, guaranteeing perfect record keeping.

Accountant’s Review

Your personal accountant will call you each month to review your current financial statement and profit picture.

We encourage in-person meetings throughout the year as another way of keeping on top of the happenings with you and your business, so we may anticipate and properly plan for your year-end.

Our experienced, qualified staff is always ready to answer your questions and exceed your expectations.

We go above and beyond to ensure you get the information you need to help your business succeed.

Call to speak with us today 301-354-4000!

“Excellent accounting and payroll service and great people to work with!”

Brian Hall