Affordable Payroll Processing Services for Small Businesses

CAS provides customized payroll services at every stage of the payroll process.

What Are Your Payroll Needs?

  • Send your payroll to us in a way that is easy for you! Phone, fax or online.
  • You receive custom payroll reports – get the reports you want and need so your reports work for you. Payroll reports are available online and on paper.

You give us your payroll, we’ll do the rest.

  • Benefit tracking: track your employees’ benefit plans. Vacation, sick, holiday time can be tracked and accrued through payroll.
  • Advance and loan goal setting: we record and deduct employee advances and loans.
  • Paying Subcontractors? Subcontractor payments can be processed with your regular payroll and 1099’s are generated for you at year end.
  • Net-to-Gross: Let us know how much you want to take home. We calculate the gross amount for you so taxes are paid and your checks are exact.
  • Direct Deposit and Pay Cards: ensure that employees receive funds immediately on payday.
  • Check signing, stuffing, and sealing: checks are ready for those employees not taking advantage of direct deposit.
  • Autopilot Payroll: if your payroll never changes, we’ll automatically process it for you on time, every time without you having to notify us.
  • CAS makes tax deposits automatically on your behalf so all payments are made timely.
  • Automatic new hire reporting: you add a new employee and we will report new hires as required by the government.

Quarterly Payroll Processing Services:

Filing of all your federal and state withholding and unemployment reports. You receive copies of what is filed for your permanent records.

Annual Payroll Processing Services:

All year-end forms and reconciliations professionally submitted including W-2’s, W-3’s, 1099’s, 1096’s, 940 unemployment reports, state and local tax reconciliations.

Additional features:

  • Bonus payrolls and off-cycle payrolls can be run with customized tax withholding.
  • Employee reimbursements can easily be run right on an employee’s payroll check.
  • Pre-tax benefits are easily tracked and matched if you wish.
  • Pay-as-you go workers compensation at no additional processing fee.